Colágeno marino en cápsulas Goah Clinic Colágeno marino en cápsulas de Goah Clinic

Colágeno Marino

The perfect anti-aging ally for your skin
Our Ingredients
  • Anti-aging and antioxidant
  • Fills in expressions wrinkles
  • Fights sagging and provides firmness
  • Powerful skin hydration
  • Anti-acne and removes blemishes
  • Cell regeneration
60 capsules
Take 2 capsules together per day. Minimal treatment duration for 2 months.
Gluten Free

The unique formula of Goah Marine Collagen is made of components normally present in the deeper layers of the skin and can delay the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles which occur with the passage of time. Its high concentration in hydrolyzed marine collagen, elastin peptides and coenzyme Q10 provide tonicity and firmness to your skin, allowing it to return to its natural state after each gesture.

The perfect combination to enhance the results

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