About Goah Clinic

Join us and discover the journey with Goah Clinic

About us

Goah Clinic is a pioneering brand in Spain in research and development in nutricosmetic and cosmetic products in capsules. We are convinced that healthy beauty is attainable and is achieved from within. We are committed to the well-being of each of our clients and the integral care of their skin, hair, and body, focusing on the needs of each individual.

It all started in India

Goah Clinic all started on a bet and a dream which happened after a trip when Marina Sempere, the director of the company, found inspiration in traditional medicine. This is how our double-action formulas were developed, composed from natural ingredients and nutrients which naturally occur within our body but we lose with the passage of time.  


Goa, inspiration and spirituality

Furthermore, she found in Goa, a city in India, the essence of spirituality, yoga, and tranquility. With this, the aim has been not just to develop a cosmetics brand, but rather to develop a concept of life whose main objective is to obtain beauty through the improvement of the body, daily healthy habits, and practices such as meditation, yoga, good nutrition, and sports.


Returning to Spain

Spain was the place where these ideas launched, creating a pioneer in the research and development of nutricosmetics.  Our multidisciplinary team put together from professionals in the pharmaceutical sector has sought to achieve the well-being and satisfaction of our clients by adapting oriental philosophies to the western way of life. This is how the Goah Clinic has managed to develop the cosmetics of the future by promoting balance, tranquility and natural beauty.

This is how the Natural Beauty collection was born: 8 formulas composed with natural ingredients of the highest quality, which provide a complete experience of well-being by enhancing strength and vitality from within, which is then reflected in a healthy exterior. Our philosophies motto is “Health and beauty in a capsule

Seguridad y sostenibilidad

Todos nuestros productos han sido aprobados por la Asociación Europea de Seguridad Alimentaria.

Los principios activos utilizados para el desarrollo de nuestras fórmulas cuentan con estudios de seguridad y eficacia, realizadas sobre personas voluntarias.


Uno de nuestros principales compromisos es con el cuidado y protección de la naturaleza.

Por ello contamos con certificados FSC y PEFC que garantizan la trazabilidad del cartón que utilizamos en nuestros productos, procede de bosques gestionados de manera sostenible.